Many thanks to all of you who made our wedding day so very special.


One day my grandmother asked me, "So whatís going on with you and Kevin." I went into a lengthy explanation of how happy I was living alone and how much of the world I wanted to experience before settling down. Kevin was already set in his ways and I wanted to be set in my own ways before I made any hasty decisions.

Two weeks later I accepted Kevinís marriage proposal.

Since then many events have transpired to bring you here to our website. Their results are all included here. Please have a look around and learn some of the important details. Do your best to remember them, as you will be tested later. ;-)

But seriously, we really are looking forward to having you all share our special day with us. Thanks to everyone who has shown their love and support.


Welcome to our website.  Rachel and I are very excited about our wedding on October 6th.  It's been a lot of work planning all the details but the most important fact about having a "big" wedding is that we get to share our special day with our friends and loved ones.  Hope you find this site useful.  We've included some (hopefully) helpful information such as directions to the place as well as local hotels for those of you coming from out of town.  Once we get them, we'll have wedding photos posted on the gallery page.  But for now, we've just included a bunch of goofy images. Thanks to all of you for your support and love.



It was back during Operation Desert Storm.  Kevin was covering the Gulf War for Reuters and Rachel was shooting photos for Life Magazine.  We were with the 105th Armored Division somewhere near the Iraqi border when all of a sudden an incoming Scud missle sent all of us scurrying for cover.  Kevin jumped into a bombed out crater and that's where Rachel had sought shelter.  The rest is history.

Or, Kevin answered Rachel's ad in the online dating service,  You decide...


Rachel and I go horseback riding every week.  She's been riding most of her life and I'd always been interested in horses.  Having gone several times with her to the stable where she rides - Oxbow Stables in Hamburg, New Jersey - I finally decided that I wanted to take lessons as well.  After that I was hooked.

Anyway, I had been riding for about a year when on May 24, 2000, after our respective lessons, we both went out on a trail ride.  I was riding one of my all-time favorite horses, Yankee, a chestnut quarter horse, the old man of the stable, and Rachel was on Nicky, a somewhat neurotic, sweet, dapple gray Arab (see Horses We Know and Love in the Photo Gallery section).  At the crossroads of one of the trails in the woods, I managed to give Rachel the ring without either of us falling off.

You may now get out your handkerchiefs.